Seat Fluffiness for Chairs?

Today is "furniture" day for me.  On the 70" screen in my office, we are looking at chairs to use at the Keynote Sessions at Learning 2012.


Sure, it might be simple - just pick a chair and rent it.

But, given my desire to produce an event that is really toned to smaller details, the selection of a chair gets more complicated.  Here are some of the factors:

  • Leg Size and Seat Depth: Want it to be the right height so that our taller and shorter guests on the stage are all comfortable and legs fit nicely.  This is not simiple or easy - and we seem to have found the right height and seat depth.
  • Color: We use high def video segments of our speeches and want the color to blend well and fit with some of the more colorful jackets that Elliott wears :)

Cushiness of Seat: I know it is details and details, but we want the guest to feel very comfortable and able to relax in the seat - but not fall asleep.  Last year's chair worked great when we interviewed President Clinton.
l11 clinton047
So, after much search, we are using a different version of the chair from last year, in a new color - Light Mocca - are we are buying 2 chairs for the event.  It actually is less expensive than renting them - and after Learning 2012, we donate them to a Veterans Homeless Shelter.



Tomorrow, we do Director's Chairs and Tables :)

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