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Contingent, contract and temporary workers are growing as a larger portoin of our workforce.  What is the changing role of learning with contingent workers who may only be there for a short while?

From Biz Beat Blog:

"Contingency staffing _ temporary or contract workers _ is growing, a new study has found. And with the economy stuck in neutral, at best, it may become an even bigger factor in the creation of a workforce.

Two out of three companies use contingent workers now, according to the Randstad Workforce360 Study, for which 225 human resource managers and 2,035 employed adults were interviewed.

And 71 percent of organizations cited the flexibility that contingent staffing gives them as a help during economic ups and downs.

That has them looking to do more contract hiring. One in five companies plans to increase its percentage of temporary or contract workers in the next year.

“The recession brought such significant operational and financial duress for U.S. companies that the business model of the future will rely heavily upon the ability to be insulated from economic downturns,” said Jim Link, of Randstad. “We live in a world now that rewards financial flexibility rather than fixed-cost business models, and agility, cost containment reign supreme.”

Link added that, “What used to be viewed as a temporary stop-gap measure, the utilization of a contingent workforce alongside full-time talent is no longer a contingency plan. We believe this integrated staffing model will be fundamental to operational and fiscal success for the foreseeable future.”

At Learning 2012, we will explore how organizations are shifting their approaches to the learning and training process for contingent workers.  And, what shifts in our LMS, contract terms and labor practices are needed for the contingent workforce?

Here are a few questions we will explore:

  • When is it legal or not legal to provide learning resouces or experiences to a temp or contract worker?
  • How do we place them into our LMS?
  • What is the process for best leveraging the experiences of a contingent worker -- from previous assignments - when they come to our workplace?
  • What are the legal aspects of using their video segments internally - is it covered under "work or contract for hire"?

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